Review - Buddy - Mayflower

I had the pleasure of reviewing the spectacular Buddy Holly the musical tonight at the

Mayflower Theatre and Oh Boy I wasn’t disappointed.

The story of Buddy Holly ,and his short lived dream, is a tragic one but in the short

time he had to impress he had really made his mark on the Rock and Roll scene and was

revered ,and still is, as the guy that changed Rock “N’ Roll music forever.

His early career was almost blighted by the Radio Stations playlist being strictly

Country and Western but he stood his ground winning affection eventually from the radio

presenter and his agent played brilliantly by Harry Boyd.

Buddy and the Crickets even performed to a black audience in Harlem getting a

surprise reaction which was the start of a short but forever loved career.

The staging was very simple and worked perfectly for the production.

The young cast were perfect for the era. Buddy Holly was only in his early 20’s &

Ritchie Valens ( La Bamba) was only 17 at the time of the tragic Plane Crash.

All the cast were believable and all played their roles making you feel like you were back

in the 50’s at the height of Buddy’s fame and Fortune. The singing was on form too from all

the cast and the fact it was LIVE music played by the cast throughout was amazingly good

Lead Role A J Jenks was amazing as Buddy in both looks , stamina and the way he

played the guitar . All the dance moves were perfect and the cast that played his backing

band The crickets ,also playing Live instruments ,added to the realness of the show.

I was looking for maybe some criticism but alas there was none to be had just a perfect

nostalgic night out re living one of rock n rolls most tragic stories .

By the end and of the show and after a well received encore the night finished with a

fantastic version of Jonny “B’ Goode and a well deserved standing ovation .

Even if you don’t know or like Buddy Holly songs I recommend you go see this

awesome , energetic production because I know you will fall in love with show just like I did !


Buddy is on at Mayflower until 11th Jan - tickets available here