Review - CinderELLA Nuffield Theatre

It's clear from the first few minutes of this musical directed by Michael Fentiman that this won't be your classic Cinderella story. Forget the damsel in distress cliché - that does not have place in this play.

Meet Ella and Cinders. Two perhaps unpredictable friends who find on each other the support hey need during very challenging times on both their lives. 

Two "Cinderella"s, two different generations. This musical finds and shows there is no age limit to live a fairytale, one where both Ella and Cinders find themselves featuring a very "Freaky Friday" twist.

Be prepared for and incredible work with lights and shadows which transport us to different locations throughout the show. Be also prepared for some truly triple threat performances. All the performers act (some even more than one character) sing and play instruments live. In fact, all the amazing musical moments are strictly performed by the cast.

Lydia White (Cinders) has an incredible and beautiful voice which becomes especially touching during her solo piano performance of "This time last year". And let's not forget the outstanding work of Emma Darlow and Imelda Warren-Green, who play the step-nieces Melania and Ivanka. In fact, Warren-Green's scenes are one of the best bits of the show! Such a powerful voice and a seriously amusing performance! 

And one last mention needs to be given to the brilliant Welsh policeman (Tom Hier) who constantly brought hilarious moments to the show and made the whole audience burst into laughter.

Although filled with a certain level of adult humour, this show is definitely a must watch during a fun family day out during this Christmas season. Expect to leave the venue with one or two of its very catchy original songs on loop in your head for several days...

All Photos Courtesy of The Other Richard

CinderELLA is at Nuffield until 5th January tickets still available at NST THEATRES