Review - Priscilla Queen of the Desert - Mayflower

Priscilla the film turned 25 this year. It was released at the perfect time landing in the centre of drags first golden age and it now somewhat of a cult classic. The stage adaptation has been running for 13 years and is a firm favourite with all ages.

It tells the heartwarming story of Drag Queens Tick, Adam and Bernadette as well as the titular 'Priscilla' the temperamental tour bus that takes them into the outback to perform a drag show in a casino in Alice Springs.

Aside from the fabulous costumes and the disco classics at the very heart of this is a story of friendship, family and the struggles that are sadly still rife within the LGBTQ community.

I absolutely love this show.

It's camp as christmas and the costumes and staging is all sparkly and over the top - what do you expect really when its about drag queens. It has so much heart to it and its a bit of an eye opener I've seen it a few times now and I expect I will see it again.

The cast were exceptional in this.

Strictly winner Joe Mcfadden plays Tick, the centre of the story who convinces the others to put on the show but doesn't tell them that its for his secret wife and that he has a son as well.

Adam, the youngest and most flamboyant of the queens is played by Nick Hayes - who has a fabulous pair of legs and an incredible voice. Adam is the character who suffers the worst abuse in this. But he is also the most defiant about being himself. He has a dream to dress up in full drag and stand on Ayres Rock to sing Kylie classics (there's quite a bit of Kylie in this an I LOVED it)

By far the most wonderful character in this, and probably one of the strongest most dignified characters ever on stage is Bernadette. Arguably one of the first trans characters to be shown in film and on stage (this show was very ahead of its time) she's an incredibly strong woman. Elegant and dignified and played so incredibly by Miles Western. She is just incredible, has an acid tongue when given a bit of stick yet also delicate and feminine. Even when packing a punch. Although Tick is the central character of this show, Bernadette is the heart of it.

I've always enjoyed this but I think this performance was my favourite. Perfect casting and some of the supporting cast were exceptional, I have to mention Kevin Yates who plays Miss Understanding - the queen who sets the story, even when he was being himself in this he was hard to not watch. He was amazing and I would love to see him in one of the lead roles in this.

Everything about this is fabulous. The costumes are so over the top - I don't know how the performers change into them so quick, the music is is perfect for this type of show and its a guaranteed fun night out!

Priscilla is at Mayflower until 18th Jan, you can buy tickets here