On their third single Indecisive, BASH! hook up with The Ranch Production House to fully perfect the sound they've been inching towards on their past two singles. The result is their most enjoyable single yet, rejuvenating the aesthetics of their first two singles (WILD and Lovely, Smart and Beautiful) in the style of new wave icons like Blondie, Duran Duran, and The Cure.

Like their preceding singles, Indecisive embraces a brighter and lighthearted sonic-palette than many of their contemporaries (e.g. Pale Waves and The 1975). It does sound a little like The Wombats' Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves), but the prominent elements like Miles Hobbs' bass and Amanda Bashmakova's vocal add a dollop of uniqueness to the track. The former of which is undoubtedly BASH!'s secret weapon. Along with drummer Angus Mcintyre, BASH!'s rhythm section sound as tight and in-sync as you'd expect from two musicians that have spent a considerable amount of time making music together.

"All of us came to Southampton to pursue a degree in music," Bashmakova explained in May, in an interview with Chalkpit Records. "We all have had different musical experiences growing up, and when we met each other at University things fell into place and we started making music together." 

Produced by Neil Kennedy, Indecisive throws in everything but the kitchen sink - atmospheric synths, chugging electric guitars, an infectious drumline, a synth-led chorus worthy of an '80s classic - and ends up with an impressive amount of cohesion and togetherness. As the drum and bass groove surrounds Bashmakova's vocal line, it becomes pretty impossible to not give in to BASH!'s 'dance like no one's watching' vibe.

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