Single Review - Flow State 'Avon Giants' - #futureanthems

Regular listeners will have heard of Flow State, the electronic duo of Jordan and Gemma from the South West. They are favourites of the station having played at last years #homefest where we first heard this song live.

We were eagerly awating the release of this track and to avoid a little bit of bias sent this to one of our newer volunteers - Danny who presents 'Southampton Spectrum' on a Saturday - who could listen with fresh ears!

"I had personally not heard of the group Flow State but after a quick search I found they are ‘Electronic duo featuring Jordan Digby & Jemma Marshall, from the south-west creating dynamic drum pad rhythms, saxophone interludes, ambient guitar solos and funk-filled bass lines looped seamlessly to emulate a fusion of pop, funk, soul, folk and reggae. ‘Sounds like a very interesting combination.

With no preconceptions, this is my first introduction to the duo and I’m listening to their new single Avon Giants. With a simple start of guitar and Jemma’s vocal reminds me, for some reason of Hotel California with a splash of Kate Nash. It then kicks into a reggae influenced pop song with a splash of African themes thrown in.

Any comparisons to other artists and music have gone and it’s definitely something different and original, which is always exciting to hear.

Listening to this song makes me wish I was at a musical festival having an ice cold beer and listening to a live version. Its like the hight of summer, at sunset with friends in music form.

There is only one negative, its not long enough. Its crying out for a 12” extended mix, so when the sun is shining it can be the soundtrack to the summer.

I’m really excited to hear more from Flow state as this is great little song that hints at bigger things to come"

'Avon Giants' is out now accross all download and streaming platforms and you can hear it on Voice this week as Matt's #futureanthem

Watch the live performance of the song at #homefest2020