Single Review - Flow State - Pancake Love

Big displays often get the headlines, but it's often the small gestures that become the most meaningful. A three-course fine dining dinner date may get pride of place on an Instagram carousel. But the simple combination of eggs, milk and flour for a sleeping beauty may well become the key to her heart. So much so that it might become the foundation of an instant classic jaunty folk ballad.

'Pancake Love', the latest serving from South-West based electronic due Flow State, shares this very tale of a simple breakfast-based act becoming a deeply significant declaration of love. The song follows the journey of a dedicated fellow as he collects the required ingredients to make this pancake based expression. A lighthearted tale dripping with toe-tapping folky sounds will make 'Pancake Love' an absolute fan favourite.

The track is a fantastically unique plateful of sounds that passes through and transcends genres: a relative smorgasbord including a serving of swing, a generous helping of gypsy jazz, and topped with a slice of ska. Listeners are challenged not to move to this groove, particularly the energetic ska section sandwiched in-between the vocal voyage.

This wonderfully enjoyable buffet of brilliance starts with dreamy and mystical acapella choral notes are joined by a background folk rhythm after a few enchanting bars. We soon feel full of folky feelings as guitars, double bass, and snappy snares join the party. And no Flow State song would be complete without some sweet seductive sax moving into the mix.

The lyrical journey throughout the verses perfectly conjures up images of the story at hand. The sound beautifully accompanies the narrative with a few delightful stops, drops and accents along the way. We rise into the chorus, where we meet the uncertainty of the impassionated boy, captured elegantly in the lyrics: 'he's in too deep, and will he succeed, this pancake love'. His thoughts echo the mighty musical cadences contributed by the collective instruments.

'Pancake Love' is an absolute feast of a song. It brings a simplistic light-hearted story about pancakes and bakes up a musical masterpiece. Not only will you continue to groove to his jaunty number while it reverberates pleasantly around your head all day, but you will now never forget the three simple things you need to make a bit of pancake love for yourself.

Words Ryan Galpin