SINGLE REVIEW: Gaygirl - Hair

Since forming late 2016, Gaygirl have gained attention for primal-sounding singles about apathy and the frustrations of being an outcast; producing music that thrives under the guidance of frontwoman Bex Morrison.

Hair, Gaygirl's strongest song to date, exemplifies this brilliantly. Recorded and mixed by Nathan Ridley (Hermitage Works Studios), Hair launches with atmospheric electronics and grungey guitars. But it simmers down as Bex Morrison begins singing, her voice raw and intimate. "They pulled all my hair out / Feathered strands, ripping sounds," she recalls. Noisy instrumentation preserves the usual Gaygirl sound; reverberated vocals add a dreamy gentleness. The song's powerful chorus reveals Morrison's thoughts of seeking validation as a stand-in for self-love, but she remains intimate, singing with almost effortless composure: "Self-love, yet I love myself less / Lost myself when myself got left." At the same time, bassist Tom Coyne and Louis Bradshaw's rhythm section propels the song with just the right amount of complexity and energy.

“The term ‘self-love’ is kind of flipped around in the track," Bex Morrison said earlier this year about the lyrics of Hair"Exploring it [self-love] as the destructive idea of trying to be someone who is accepted (or taken advantage of) in an attempt to feel better about yourself.”

In a nutshell, Gaygirl's third single release in the last two years is the best of the lot, with a raw and intense sound that is both gritty and instantly appealing. Next month (16th October) they will be in London to perform at The Shacklewell Arms, so I recommend you check out this promising four-piece live.

Tickets for their show at The Shacklewell Arms (in support for two-piece JOHN) can be found at

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