SINGLE REVIEW: Haytor - greatexpectations

With Austin Robison's impassioned vocals and relatable lyrics - and music that draws from the effervescent polish of early '00s pop-rock - the Exeter band continues to grow. 

Such is the case with greatexpectations, a new single Haytor released earlier this month. It opens with an entrancing guitar groove that initially feels foreign to Haytor's usual low-key song arrangements. Then four bars in, Cameron Robison's pulsating bass takes over, driving one of the band's most danceable songs to date. "You alienated your friends / You've got a lot to live up to / You're regretting everything again / Cause you don't know where you're up to," Austin Robison croons over rhythmic guitar notes, providing a cynical outlook on growing up and not living up to what everyone expects from you: "And you, you're cussing out your parents as you move into their basement / And you, you know your heart's not in it so you might as well quit it." Robison doesn't really let up on the lyrical cynicism, but there are lighter aspects to greatexpectations, like guitarist Ryan Hawkins' cheerful lead melody, or the incredibly catchy chorus, which hits like an anthem that wouldn't shame The 1975. 

In this vein, channeling Matt Healy's (The 1975) vocal delivery and rockstar swagger, the video features Robison leading a brilliant dance routine (choreographed by Michelle Risley), full of spins, hip-shakes, and classic line dance steps; later in the video, he performs these moves in a beautiful forest setting. Though the song's video finds Austin Robison at the forefront, the rest of the band are equally endowed with such an unbelievable wealth of talent and musical ideas.

Astonishingly accomplished but unsurprisingly brilliant, greatexpectations offers an entertaining glimpse of what is to come from this promising band. You can download the track via Apple Music at

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