SINGLE REVIEW: Lauran Hibberd - Frankie's Girlfriend

Lauran Hibberd's music is sincere and endearing, full of unique observations that feel plucked directly from the most personal Facebook messenger conversations. Her latest single Frankie's Girlfriend (accompanied by a brilliant video filmed at Phil's Diner in Newport, Isle of Wight) exhibits this perfectly not because it is particularly individual, but because, its lyrics are relatable to anyone who has had to deal with jealousy. 

Something about this song sticks with you immediately, and it's not just the hook, though that's a huge part of it - it's that Hibberd has an incredible proficiency to write lyrics that lodge themselves in your brain directly after one listen. She delivers candid, tongue-in-cheek lyricism about the titular character, singing in a now characteristic lowkey manner that seems to contrast the emotional punch of lines like, "I'm going crazy / This psychopath is ruining my life," and "I want to tell him what you're like."

Hibberd delivers these lyrics atop a barrage of gritty guitars and pounding drums. On the surface, the song could qualify as one of the many slacker-rock anthems that comprised much of Matador Records' recent output, but as the drums crash and the guitars build, Frankie's Girlfriend instead channels the huge sound of Weezer's self-titled debut album. Though this sounds derivative on paper, it's executed brilliantly, each musical element brings something unique to the track. 

“Frankie’s Girlfriend is exactly why it can suck to be a nice person," Hibberd told The Line of Best Fit. "This track is a story, based on true events and exaggerated for selling millions of (aka 600) records. It’s honestly about a pal of mine Frankie, I had a dream about him, like a weird one. And it spiraled. His chick at the time was a nightmare, I was lucky enough to witness that first hand.”

For all its lyrical influences, the quirky, incredibly enjoyable Frankie's Girlfriend is a real banger, and one of the most unique alternative-rock songs of the year. With this in mind, Lauran Hibberd taps into '90s rock nostalgia without ever sounding contrived or boring. 

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