SINGLE REVIEW: Warmpth - Gone

After a run of unique and original releases as part of the indie alt-pop band YipiOK, Chris Smallwood - aka Warmpth - translates that experimental energy into a new single of quirky, raw, tongue-in-cheek indie-rock. 

After 17 years of making music, Chris Smallwood is no stranger to releasing left-field singles. For example, YipiOK introduced themselves to the world with Tango, an instantly enjoyable track about doing the tango in a South American bar and a girl on a jet-ski. Gone is even more enjoyable, layering analog synths, twisted guitars, electronic drums, and multi-tracked vocals until the finished product builds entirely into a roar of distortion. With its raw, somewhat industrial production, the song seems designed to disobey the laws of indie-rock songwriting. Furthermore, it is less than two minutes long but its uniqueness makes it feel longer (in a good way, that's for sure).

Gone begins standardly with the driven swing of programmed drums, but it is quickly overtaken by spasms of distorted guitars and synth arpeggios. "You’re dinosaur photography / A level geography / Chances of a dirty blonde climbing up on top of me... gone," Smallwood croons sarcastically, as the rumble of distortion and synths build. Sure, the lyrics sound kinda dopey written down. But the more I think about it, the more I realise that's why I enjoy Gone so much - because it is so willfully weird and self-aware.

"Gone is basically a song about trying to improve yourself when you feel past it," Chris Smallwood told Voice FM. "I’m 33, but I’ve been in bands since I was 17. In terms of playing music, I’m starting to feel a tad irrelevant... The song just pokes fun at that."

Like everything we have heard from Smallwood's new project Warmpth, Gone is a kaleidoscope of musical influences transmitted through his ironic, tongue-in-cheek perspective. On 14th November, Warmpth will play their biggest show to date at The Stage Door in Southampton, so mark this in your diary now!

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