Some Like it Hip Hop - Mayflower Theatre - Review

Wow Wow and double Wow!

Some like it Hip Hop has me still buzzing a day later!

Firstly I love that Zoonation (The Kate Prince Company) supports local talent and prior to the show there was a 5 minute local talent showcase of a group of young artists who were very good indeed.  A great way to warm up the audience.

It was centred around bullying and how it got turned around by friends helping the individual, it had great acting and really good dancing and the group from Southampton did themselves proud.

Some like it Hip Hop is a definate must see, certainly for any hip hop fans and dance fanatics!

Scene 1 was very clever as the lighting intermittently displayed different dancers in an on off lighting fashion (ie 3 on and 1 off then reversing it).

I am amazed at the fluidity of what appeared to be dancers made from elastic!

The singing was wonderful and the 2 main lead women and the men had very strong voices with a lot of range.

Simeon was very acrobatic as were all the dancers and the energy was tangible.  I found it hard to stay still, and it was great at the end when we could all get up and be taught some dance moves!

There was great comedy in this show and the characters reeled you in, especially Jo Jo and Kerri when they pretended to be men to get in the workplace.

The interview was well depicted with dance offs! 

One of the last scenes was a nostalgic dance battle across the 2 groups and it was so energetic and upbeat!

I especially loved the beat boy dance off styling and the human beat boxes were incredible, there was even a point with double beat boxers who just flowed together brilliantly.  Overall the acting was 10/10 and the fabulous dancing was off the scale!

The main narrator was very mesmerising as he was very clever with his rhythm and rhymes, how he remembered it all was outstanding.

Set in the 1920’s and portraying how women were subservient to men and the sexism was a hard watch but that was how it was then (and that doesn’t make it right!) and it demonstrated that well and then it was such a relief when it all turned around and women stood up for their rights.  It was a look back at how things were and how we should not go back there.

I liked the nod to Vans, Brogues and Adidas mixed in with authentic costumes from the 20’s.

The boss in his bad days was demonstrated in a forceful and threatening way and there was a scene where he was the puppet master and his employees were the puppets.  Very synchronised and amazing to watch.  All of the scenes had me hooked and the same amazing synchronisation was in the bed bunk scene, when the dancers cant see each other but still manage to match each other (X 6!).

Some parts were very emotional and this was incredibally so with the grief scene which was very intense.  The scene where they all danced on giant books was so well thought out.

I could not get enough, it was so powerful and I smiled the whole way through.

It’s a big 10/10 all round and I cant wait to see it again!

Thank you Zoonation and your cast – you have an epic right there!

Shelley Edwards