Theatre Review - Kay Mellors Band of Gold - Mayflower Theatre - and interview with Kieron Richardson

This is one of the shows I've been really excited for since its announcement. Band of Gold was a show I grew up watching, it was groundbreaking in its time and showed the lives of sex workers in a very different light than what was the norm.

Set in the north it was a gritty drama - with the obvious comedy that Kay is known for - and gives the ladies more depth and investigates more what drives a woman to need to do this for work.

Its not the obvious choice of a show to take to the stage but the casting choices and after seeing the adaption of Fat Friends I was really looking forward to seeing this.

This show takes the story of series one of the show and condenses it. We meet Gina (Sascha Parkinson) who has just ended her relationship with her abusive husband Steve (Kieron Richardson). She's struggling to make ends meet so takes a loan from a loan shark. When she gets behind on her payments she remembers the ladies she met on her Avon route and decides to pay them a visit knowing it will be a quick way to make enough to clear the debt and be rid of the Shark. With devastating consequences.

There are some wonderful characters in this and the cast is incredible. Laurie Brett is magnificent as Anita who is I guess the 'mother' figure in this, she does a bit of karaoke throughout as well and she an incredible voice.

Gaynor Faye plays Rose who is in charge and chooses who can work on her patch. Shes hard as nails but you see the heart in her when someone from her past arrives to see her.

Newcomer Emma Osman plays Carol who I think was my favourite character in this. She's feisty and tough but also hilariously funny. She has the best scene with a pair of rubber gloves!!

This is a show that doesn't shy away from the grittiness of its subject and all that goes with it. Its honest and heartfelt and gives these women more depth than you normally see from stories of this type. But also has moments of hilarity with some of the kinks.

It has everything you would want from a drama with betrayal, murder, violence and crime. Some bits of this are tough to watch, its very physical and will make you jump in places. But it will also make you laugh, and cry.

It's a wonderful show, cleverly written and really does make you think. These are situations there still are at the moment and it will give you a different view entirely on sex workers.

Band of Gold is at Mayflower until 8th Feb tickets still available here:

We were lucky enough to catch up with Keiron Richardson yesterday, you can check out the full un-edited interview below