Theatre Review - Saturday Night Fever - Mayflower

Saturday Night Fever on a Tuesday? This musical could give you the “Boogie Shoes” any day of the week. Lead by Richard Winsor, who plays the role of Tony Manero, this classic 70’s blockbuster has been re-imagined into a musical. Thankfully the Bee Gees’ hits continued throughout, creating a “Disco Inferno,” with Tuesday night’s show finishing with a standing ovation for the cast and crew.

Set in New York during the 70’s, we join Tony on his quest to win a $1,000 cash prize in a local dance competition. In his search to find the perfect partner, we are introduced to his equally talented co-star Stephanie Mangano, played by Olivia Fines. In this multi-faceted performance, the duo wowed the audience with incredible vocal solos and daring dancing. Their moves brought the music to life, bringing real emotion and soul to the show, as well as some comedic cheek.

It’s not easy to re-imagine a classic film like this but the script strikes a good balance between drama and romance, giving the audience an authentic taste of what life must have been like for working-class Italians chasing the American dream.

The supporting cast more than matched the energy of the leading couple with more stunning solos and dazzling dance routines. The production took the musical to another level with smooth scene transitions, clever lighting and disco balls aplenty; it really felt like you were there. Diverse story-lines of lust, heartache and friendship - that don’t all end as expected - made this a truly spectacular show. Toes were tapping and hands were clapping as disco made a comeback, so “You Should Be Dancing” all night long!

Get your ticket here. The last performance is Saturday 24th August so you'd better be quick!