#theatrereview - Be More Chill -Shaftesbury Theatre

From the thrill of hearing the orchestra at the very beginning to the pulse of the dancing. An extraordinary show to see as the first one since all theatre’s left a light on and closed their doors.

Be More Chill is currently on a 10 week limited run performing in the Shaftesbury theatre the home of musical '& Juliet'. As a Theatre geek myself there was a lot of excitement and the opening song really does capture your attention not only by the amazing choreography by Chase Brock and the directing from Stephen Brackett. But by the performers themselves as an audience member you could feel their passion for this show and theatre!

Be More chill is very comedic but also has a sensitive message tied into it. It looks at anxiety and how it affects people as well as sharing that it is okay to be you! (As well as defeating an evil Squip from Japan!)

All performers gave their heart to this performance, they were all amazing and did a fabulous job!

My favourite moment was when the whole cast were on stage. It just created this amazing atmosphere. I loved how over the top some moments were and it definitely made us all laugh!

One song that did stand out for me was Micheal in the Bathroom as it was very heartfelt and created a different tone and side of Michael that we don't see much until he is on his own. Blake Patrick Anderson who played Micheal Mell did a phenomenal Job. His voice sounded amazing and we were able to feel the emotions of his character through the tone of voice. @blakepatrickauk

Theatre Geek to Theatre Geek!! Go see it! Definitely worth the Watch! Cheers to the hope of it returning again soon after this limited run!

Words - Kayla Wilson

Be More Chill is at the Shaftesbury Theatre in Londons West End until 5th September - Tickets available here - https://www.bemorechillmusical.com/