#theatrereview - Fantastically Great Women Who Changed The World - MAST Mayflower

An empowering educational lively show following the stories of some of histories greatest women

Attending Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World at MAST Mayflower Studios was an explosive evening to remember.

This was my first time at the MAST Mayflower studio and what a venue it was! I loved the intimate feel, you really felt like you were part of the show.

This brand new pop musical is brought to you by the producer of SIX the musical, with MAST mayflower studios being a co-producing partner venue for this production.

The main actress Jade (Fayth Ifil), Simon Cowell’s golden buzzer act on Britain’s Got Talent in 2020 was a very talented young lady who owned the stage. All the actresses were phenomenal and played several characters throughout the play, which sounds like a lot of hard work! With two of the cast members Christina Modestou and Renee Lamb being the original ‘queens’ from SIX the musical.

I was in awe of this production. There was always something new to take in and it was the perfect modern reflection on women’s successes throughout history, proposing modern versions of historical icons, brought to life with striking costumes.

I loved the set design, with the colour changing lights to suit the vibe of each scene and the fact that we could see the musicians in their boxes at the back of the stage. This made the show a fully immersive experience with every sound effect being created by the musicians.

In this production there is something for the whole family, I took my parents along and we fully enjoyed an evening out at the theatre. This was an action filled show bound to keep you glued to your seat!

If this sounds right up your street, Fantastically Great Women Who Changed The World is being shown at MAST mayflower studios till the 20th November.

Book your tickets here: https://www.mayflower.org.uk/whats-on/fantastically-great-women-who-changed-the-world-2021/

Reviewed by Kate Mardon