#theatrereview - Footloose - Mayflower Theatre

Kick off your Sunday (Tuesday!) shoes because last night saw the opening night of Footloose The Musical at The Mayflower Theatre. The show, based on the original screenplay by Dean Pitchford and adapted for the stage by Dean Pitchford and Walter Bobbie sees the tale of a town that has banned dancing. A brave 'outsider' Ren McCormack played by the energetic Joshua Hawkins, asked that the the school board bend the rules to allow for an end of year prom. The story tells of Ren moving to the town of Bomont, being accepted by his peers and eventually asking for the rules to be bent.

This show is full of 80s hits performed by some fantastic actor musicians. Throughout the performance, many of the actors are also the musicians picking up different instruments and playing the songs. It takes real skill to play a saxophone while keeping up with a dance routine!! And this cast has it!!

The high energy show got the audience on their feet by the end of it and it felt amazing!

The actor musicians blew the audience away - Lucy Munden's (who plays Ariel Moore - Rev. Shaw's daughter) voice filled the Theatre and her rendition of 'I need a hero' had the audience in awe! Joshua Hawkins' (who plays Ren McCormack) energy was electric and Jake Quickenden's (who plays Willard Hewitt) one liners had the audience in stitches.

You will not regret seeing Footloose The Musical while it is at The Mayflower - it's high energy cast and fabulous 80s songs will have you dancing out of the theatre doors at the end of the night! A nonstop night of humour, singing and dancing!

Footloose The Musical is on from now until Saturday 7th May at The Mayflower Theatre. Tickets available here > https://www.mayflower.org.uk/whats-on/footloose-2022/

Review by Gloria Hill