#theatrereview - Groan Ups - Mayflower

Groan ups opened at the Mayflower this Tuesday. A show about a group of friends growing up and becoming their own unique characters.

Already given the initiative that it is a similar to shows such as The Play That Goes Wrong and A Comedy About A Bank Robbery. It was known that the play would be very funny.

I was not wrong, the show was incredibley funny making you weep with laughter and mourning those serious moments. The show is excellently written with correct comedic timing.

The actors did such a great job from acting like 5 to 6 year olds. It was so believable it was like seeing a real child on stage. Particularly with how they were reacting and talking and moving. It was the same similarities that we see in little ones and this helped connect the audience.

The entire cast made us laugh for so many reasons and they did a fabulous Job.

If you want a night to forget the outside world and be entertained. This is the show to go see!

Words: Kayla Wilson

Groan Ups is showing at Mayflower until 22nd January - Tickets available here > https://www.mayflower.org.uk/whats-on/groan-ups-2022/