#theatrereview - Hairspray - Mayflower

You can’t stop the beat - Hairspray is back on tour!

As soon as I stepped into the Mayflower Theatre my heartbeat kept perfect time. It was a magical journey where we felt many emotions; pain, love and happiness.

The story talks about how white and people of colour should be integrated and the common issues of racism. Tracy Turnblad has a large dream of being on the Corny Collins show and is determined to succeed.

Katie Brace played Tracy; this was her professional debut and she was Phenomenal! The way she could glide her voice sounded amazing. Katie Brace managed to put her own spin on Tracy Turnblad which was really interesting to see.

I knew before that this show would be full of dance and let's just say I was blown away with the choreography especially from the performers in the ensemble. My eyes were instantly drawn to those ensemble members dancing around the stage.

Now, BRENDA EDWARDS brought passion and love in her songs. Her Voice was ICONIC, it was so soothing to listen to. Norman Pace played Wilbur and he brought humour and light heartedness to the stage. There was so much laughter during his song 'you’re timeless to me', a duet with Edna (Alex Bourne). The moment between the two of them was very sentimental in the story and it was amusing for the audience with sexual innuendos and many jokes along the way.

I don’t think I could say i have a favourite part or moment of the show as I loved it all but I will never forget that feeling of a full capacity audience. Standing ovation and the clapping of people enjoying themselves in the last moments we got to share with the performers. It will be something that we will never not appreciate after this year.

Kate’s view on the show:

Hairspray was an exhilarating show to watch as my first show back at the Mayflower since my last visit in 2018 and created an amazing atmosphere as the first full capacity show since the lifting of lockdown restrictions! The cast's performance was incredible providing plenty of laughs for the audience, there was always something to keep your eyes on, whether that be the staging, actors, dancers or the music provided by the band. By the end of the show the cast received a joyous standing ovation to the upbeat anthem ‘You Can’t Stop the Beat’. I loved all elements of the show; it had me smiling to myself throughout, and was blown away by the talent. I recommend getting yourself down to your local theatre and supporting an industry that has very much suffered in the last year and a half. It will be a night to remember and I already want to go back to the theatre to watch more shows!

Words Kayla Wilson and Kate Mardon

Hairspray is showing at Mayflower until 31st July - tickets available here >> https://www.mayflower.org.uk/whats-on/hairspray-2021/