#theatrereview - Magic Goes Wrong - Mayflower Theatre

Featuring “flashing lights, a live bear, and a quantity of glitter some may find offense” – Southampton’s Mayflower Theatre welcomes Magic Goes Wrong.

I don’t know about you but there has always been a tiny part of me that wants to see what happens if the wrong card gets picked or the assistant doesn’t change costumes quick enough and that’s exactly what this play shows – but to the extreme! Mischief Theatre and Penn & Teller are back with another comedy catastaphe.

It is set in a fundraiser for the Disasters in Magic charity where the host, Sophisticato (Sam Hill), explains his magician dad has recently lost his life in a tragic magic accident. The show is full of awful acts – all with varying degrees of disaster!

The Blade (Kiefer Moriarty) thinks he’s completely invisible and causes himself no end of injury. Sptitzamaus (Jocelyn Prah) and Bar (Chloe Tannenbaum) are a German double act who did manage to complete one or two magic tricks without anything going wrong but plenty of terrible acts around that!

Then there was Mind Mangler (Rory Fairbairn) who absolutely stole the show. His stage presence and witty remarks throughout left us all in stitches. His whole act centred around his unusual five senses, he involved the audience and dealt with the occasional heckle!

Magic goes wrong does exactly what it says on the tin. Slapstick comedy at it’s finest with some attempts at magic thrown in. Overall, Magic Goes Wrong is hilarious, chaotic and will leave you laughing so hard that your cheeks hurt!

Magic Goes Wrong runs at Mayflower until 30th October, tickets available www.mayflower.org.uk

Review by Gloria Hill