#theatrereview - Rocky Horror Show - Mayflower Theatre

Like everybody it's been a long time since I've sat in a theatre with other people watching some live entertainment on a stage with ACTUAL REAL PEOPLE, and what a show to break that cycle of nothing with!

The Rocky Horror show has long been a favourite of mine, its one of those kooky fun shows with excellent visuals and arguably the best audience interaction in the theatre world.

If you're unaware of Rocky Horror, its a cult sci-fi musical written by the legendary Richard O'Brien and has been a staple in theatres since its start in 1973. Its a parody on the classic B Movies of the 1930s. The story centres on Brad and Janet, a young engaged couple who suffer car trouble and find themselves at a castle asking for the use of a telephone to call for help.

The castle is occupied by some curious characters who are celebrating the 'birthday' of the titular charater 'Rocky Horror'.

The couple soon find that the head of the household is Frank 'N' Furter a mad transvestite scientist who has created his own muscle man in his lab.

All is not what it seems however and it turns out that Frank and his curious entourage are in fact aliens and a mutiny occurs! The rest you will have to see for yourself.. But thats it. In a nutshell.

I've seen a good few 'Franks' over the years I've been going to see this show and this time was the turn of Stephen Webb. Stephen brings a hint of Eddie Izzard to the stage and plays this as his own rather than trying to replicate the role made famous by Tim Curry.

Ore Oduba shines as Brad and his voice is perfect for this role. He brings a little bit of soul to it and was absolutely captivating.

After over 1800 performances as Riff Raff Kristian Lavercombe has it down to a fine art and he is still an absolute joy to watch. You can see how much he loves it and I always look forward to his appearence!

The narrator this time round is Philip Franks a stalwart of UK TV, Theatre and Radio having appeared in Darling Buds of May, in the infamous Dictionary Corner on Countdown and is a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

He was sensational.

The narrator gets the most fun part taking the brunt of the controlled heckling shall we call it and every single comeback he had was hilarious.

But the best thing about this show for me this time? Just the ability to be back in the theatre, around people who were allowed to dance - this is after all the show that includes 'The Time Warp' you can't possibly not dance to that - It was quite emotional to be back there and getting caught up in the atmosphere.

The Rocky Horror Show is always a must see for me and something you should absolutely see at least once in your lifetime if you get the chance.

The Rocky Horror Show is at Mayflower Theatre until 24th July, Tickets available here >>