Voice FM is devoting May to Women’s Health Month.

Why is Women’s Health Month important?

Women’s Health Month is important because female health concerns are often invalidated and underappreciated. Women have unique health issues such as pregnancy , menstruation and menopause.

On Voice FM we want to use this month to provide information and signposting to women listeners on these and everyday health concerns including mental health, which can be just as much a concern and a possible disruption to everyday lives.

We want to particularly focus on cancers affecting women as part of our Get Cancer Savvy with Voice FM.

Best advice for women, regardless of age or ethnicity - Stay active. Eat healthy. Quit smoking. Maintain regular check-ups. And get some sleep!

Fact sheets on a range of women’s health concerns, including breast and cervical cancer, menopause, contraception, periods and abortion, may be found at:


If you are worried about symptoms, consult your GP or visit https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/ for more information.

Follow this blog throughout May for more support.