#VoiceFM Presenter Chelsie Jones nominated for a National Diversity Award

Voice FM is like a family.

We love to celebrate and share everything that we do together as a station. But we also relish the opportunity to recognise and applaud the achievements of individuals part of our community.

Chelsie Jones is the host and mastermind behind the incredibly popular 'Same Difference' show on Voice FM. Through the show and her many other ongoing media projects, Chelsie seeks to change the narrative around disability, bringing contagious positivity, dynamism and creativity.

She has recently had her efforts recognised by the National Diversity Awards. A nomination for the prestigious 'Positive Role Model Award' shows the impact Chelsie is having, not just at Voice FM but on a national level.

We are tremendously lucky to have Chelsie as part of the Voice FM family. Ryan Galpin had the opportunity to sit down with Chelsie to hear more about her show, the award and her story.