WOMAD Festival Preview

So off to WOMAD I go but before I leave I must let you know the ins and outs of WOMAD WOMAD stands for the world of music arts and dance. It is run by Peter Gabriel, formerly of Genesis and was founded in 1980. It started at the Rivermead in Reading and later moved to Charlton Park in Wiltshire. It runs from the Thursday 25th of July to Monday 29th.

This is the tenth year i have been to the festival and its grown in many ways. Throughout all its changes it has maintained its original character and vibe. I had been to the last site 4 times and the rest is at Charlton park. When WOMAD changed from Reading to Wiltshire I was unsure but when I had walked around the new site I came to the conclusion that is much better. The venue is surrounded by a forest with hundreds of trees. It was like I entered another world. I'm arriving on the Thursday because I like to take in the full experience. Malmesbury schools project with the Bollywood brass band are the openers for WOMAD. There are many children at WOMAD and there is so much for them to do. From various workshops to the procession on the Sunday where all their hard work is displayed. And it is always excellent. There are acts from all over the world. This is the beauty of WOMAD. You can go from Brazilian samba dancers to Bulgarian folk music. Something for all tastes. But if you think there are no headliners you are mistaken. Macy Gray is performing on Friday. She is a soul singer who came to fame in the 90s with a string of hit songs. Ziggy Marley, son of the legendary Bob, is also performing, and has made his own place in the music scene. Saturday has an array of artists from all over the world, there are to many to mention. The range from Salif Keita to the brilliant LTJ Bukem, who was a huge in drum and bass and is now called Liquid. Check them out. On Sunday there are plenty of “must sees’ but the two headliners are Orbital, masters of old school dance and Robert Plant is topping it off. Wow! I shall be staying in a tent with sleeping bag but there are a variety of different experiences available. You can do a completely different WOMAD. You can stay in a pod or an Airstream, which is an American style caravan. There are many extras available like la di da loos, which are posh toilets and there is even a spa. You do need to pay from all the extras. As i start off to WOMAD, I go with anticipation and a open mind. Think me over the weekend and keep your fingers crossed for good weather. I will write more on my return and off I go…..

You can find out more about WOMAD here https://womad.co.uk/

I will be back on your choice on voice 2-4pm Friday 2nd August and i will let you know all about WOMAD 2019

Robbie J