#womenshealthmonth - Breast Cancer Awareness Week

Breast Cancer

The causes of breast cancer aren’t fully understood. The genes you inherit, your environment, and how you live your life all play a part in contributing to your risk of developing breast cancer.

For women, your susceptibility is down to :

  • having more breast tissue (than men)

  • ageing, as the mutations in your cells accumulate over years.

  • a possible genetic history

  • breast density

  • starting your periods early (before 12) or reaching menopause late (after 55)

  • lifestyles affecting weight gain, lack of physical activity, smoking and alcohol.

  • exposure to some environmental risks e.g. chemicals

More info at https://www.breastcanceruk.org.uk/about-breast-cancer/are-you-susceptible-to-breast-cancer/

How do we help prevent breast cancer? Getting checked out is so important. Do a self-check regularly for any lumps. If you’re eligible for a mammogram, then go get it done. Take a look at your lifestyle. Is it putting you at greater risk?

Check how you can reduce your risk of breast cancer with a risk factor quiz at https://breastcancerprevention.org.uk/quiz where you can also get detailed advice on reducing your risk of breast cancer.

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