Review: Legally Blonde – Mayflower Theatre

When I said yes to reviewing this show I must confess I had never seen the DVD so I had no idea what the story was all about or whether I’d enjoy it. Now, the saying goes “read the book before you see the film.” Well watching this show has inspired me to watch the film now. The reason being is I thought the show was awesome.

Full of colour, the first scene looked like the show was a “Barbie And Ken” script; but it then become clear this was about a “dumb” blonde high school kid who gets let down in love but succeeds in getting a place at Harvard University; only to be used by the Professor (Bill Ward) that gave her the place, who foolishly tries to kiss her after-hours, to her shock. He then proceeds to give her the sack for not accepting his advances.

A court scene mid show where the lead role Elle Woods, played perfectly by the very talented Lucie Jones, proves she is far from dumb in using her instinct and getting an “acquaintance” off the hook for murder. In between all of this, there are 2 adorable dogs, the 1st a Chihuahua and the 2nd an English Bulldog, who both stole the show.  Ex-Eastenders actress Roxy (Rita Simmons) plays an adorable hairdresser badly treated by her Roughneck husband of 10 years, who lives in a trailer.

All props and fixtures  are well made to fit each scene. I was impressed by Rita Simmons’ cocals and how strong a singer she is. Bill Ward, who played ex-Coronation baddie Charlie Watts, proves why he is popular with all the ladies, and yes they outnumbered us men in the theatre. He also has great singing skills as well as acting skills and again is seen as a baddie  in this show. The show is both camp and extremely uplifting and by the end of the show everyone was on their feet for an ovation that seemed to go on forever.

Overall verdict: go get your tickets, as you’re in for a treat!

Written by Wayne Chester

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