REVIEW – The Addams Family – Mayflower

It’s not very often I get super excited about a brand new musical but ever since the casting for this was announced I’ve been dying to see it.

I grew up watching the Addams’ both the original TV series and the movies in the 90s, I loved the quirkiness of it and I was really interested to see how they would handle a story about Wednesday falling in love with it still in keeping with the macabre and kooky that we know them for. They did it spectacularly!

The Addams Family is one of the most professional touring productions I have ever seen. The sets were incredible, casting for this was perfect with each and every member just as strong as the other, and unlike every other musical I’ve seen where they play Americans, not a dodgy accent in sight! And it is very very funny.

We find the Addams’ with a grown up Wednesday who has fallen in love with an ‘All-American’ boy, Lucas. She wants the families to meet before they get married and of course when these very different families get together a little chaos ensues.  However when a storm means Lucas and his parents have to stay overnight it’s soon apparent that these families aren’t that different after all.

From the opening number of ‘When You’re An Addams’ I was hooked (and I’ve been singing it since). It’s beautifully written, the story is compelling, and the sub stories are dealt with in such a charming way: particularly Pugsley, who is struggling to accept that he might lose his sister to marriage.  His song ‘What If’, although with some really funny lyrics, almost made me cry!

It has everything you would expect to see from the Addams: torture, passion and the infamous Gomez/Morticia dance, brilliantly executed by Sam Womack and Cameron Blakely.

Casting for this was perfect. Les Dennis was unrecognisable as Fester and played him so authentically I could have been watching Jackie Coogan.  Stand out cast for me were Cameron Blakely as Gomez, my favourite portrayal of him I think, he was just captivating. Valda Aviks as Grandma was hilarious and Grant McIntyre I loved as Pugsley. The 2 main characters in the story were great although I think there wasn’t enough of Oliver Ormsons Lucas in a speaking capacity. Carrie Hope Fletcher though stole the show for me, what an amazing choice for Wednesday. Although I’ve heard her sing before, I wasn’t prepared for how powerful her voice is and just how much of an incredible actress she is.  It’s obvious she loves being on the stage and I cannot wait to see what role she takes on next!

This show is a must see for the whole family; it’s funny, sweet and dark.  There’s humour for adults and kids alike and you’ll be singing ‘When you’re an Addams’ for days after.


Written by Jodie Brough

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