Siberian winds to bring ‘significant snow’ to UK

Cold winds from Siberia are set to bring snow to Britain over the weekend, as temperatures drop in the coming days.

A bright start earlier this week will continue over the weekend, but daytime temperatures will drop to 1C across parts of the country.

Colder air originating from Siberia carries the threat of snow, with flurries forecast for coastal counties. According to the Met Office, the South East can also expect snow on Sunday and Monday.

Hardened frost may also lead to travel problems on Friday morning.

Sky News weather presenter Isobel Lang said: “Temperatures will continue to fall as strengthening easterly winds draw in significantly colder air originating from Siberia.

Seagulls circle above people enjoying the beach during sunny weather at Barry Island in South Wales as temperatures reach single figures

Image: Barry Island beach in south Wales was packed earlier this week despite low temperatures

“Through the course of this weekend high pressure will dominate across Britain and Ireland, maintaining the mainly dry theme and bringing some decent sunshine too.

“Despite the promise of bright days it will feel freezing cold in the east with daytime highs struggling to around 1 to 3C across southern and eastern areas, perhaps reaching 5 to 7C further north and west.

“Frosts will become more widespread with temperatures falling well below zero in the countryside but even towns and cities may see night frosts.

“The increasingly bitter easterly wind may bring a few snow flurries into North Sea coastal counties on Saturday but there is a threat of significant snowfall from late Sunday, overnight and into Monday.

“More snow detail and weather warnings will be issued nearer the time.

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“The very cold air will have spread west and northwards to all parts by Tuesday and some places will struggle to reach zero Celsius by day. It will feel bitterly cold, there will be penetrating frosts, and snow may continue to cause problems all week.”

Bright weather earlier this week led people to flock to the beaches in south Wales, despite the low temperatures.

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