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It’s International Women’s day this week so what better way to kick off out #southamptonpeople series than to start with a young lady who is making a name for herself in the Southampton music scene.

23-Year-Old Jodie Harris is not only a successful music blogger, but she is also responsible for putting on rock nights in the city and this Summer she is holding her first ever festival ‘NozFest’ at the 1865.

A big music fan from the age of 3 when she discovered the Rolling Stones and used to accompany her Dad to his band practises music has always had a big impact on her life.

At 18, after deciding to do Journalism at Uni, Jodie started her own music blog, reviewing shows and interviewing artists as well as volunteering at a local community centre who held tribute nights to get some experience in the business and booking side of the industry.

Her big opportunity came from Marco Mendoza of the Dead Daisies. Seeing her huge passion and love for music he gave her the opportunity to book one of the dates for his tour which was a great success and the rest as they say is history.

NOZFEST has been something she has wanted to do for a long time and started life as an idea for a charity fundraiser, as all good ideas do though this soon escalated and it’s now a lot bigger.

The festival is happening on Saturday 10th August with an incredible line up, including Marco Mendoza who started it all. All her events are family friendly which is something that is seriously lacking in the local music scene.

Jodie is great example of a young lady who’s taken her passion and love for music and turned it into a promising career, with the loss locally of Takedown Festival and the serious lack of anything that focusses entirely on the rock side of things rather than metal or acoustic acts, she is filling a much-needed void in the local music scene.

Music historically is not the easiest of industries to work in as a female, there are very few that are not artists in their own right who make a success of it. Sadly, there is still walls that need to be broken down especially in rock circles, but Jodie seems to be doing a good job of that.

She’s a strong successful woman and someone to be celebrated on International Women’s Day.


Featuring Massive Wagons, Bigfoot, Them Damn Crows, Marco Mendoza, Stop! Stop!, Saints of Sin and more.

Keep an eye on our Gig Guide for info of Jodie’s upcoming local rock nights.

Jodie will be on the Asylum talking about NOZFEST in the run up to it.

You can read her blog here: https://jodiebowie2.wordpress.com

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