#southamptonstories – The City Built on Rock ‘N’ Roll

Southampton Stories – The City Built on Rock ‘n’ Roll

We all know that famous song about the City built on Rock ‘n’ Roll (or sausage rolls according to last years Christmas number 1), but did you know that the aforementioned city is actually Southampton?

Well that’s the revelation about our home made in a recently released book called ‘Dear Mr Popstar’

Father and Son writing team Derek and Dave Philpott from Salisbury have been writing strange letters to popstars for over 10 years.  When they began getting some even stranger ones back they decided to collate these letters into a fascinating and hilarious book, ‘Dear Mr Kershaw’ (as in 80’s popstar Nik) was a cult hit and their follow up ‘Dear Mr Popstar’ is well on its way to getting the same acclaim.

This one has a selection of 80’s musicians making an appearance and this is where we find out all about Southampton.

In a response from Martin Page (who wrote the Starship smash hit ‘We Built this City) to a letter from the Philpotts questioning the architectural possibilities of actually building a city on rock ‘n’ roll – he makes the revelation.

‘When I penned my part of ‘We Built This City’ , Southampton (my birthplace) became the yardstick by which all other cities would be measured’

So there you have it. Southampton. Officially the city built on Rock n Roll.

‘Dear Mr Popstar’ is available from all good online stockists.

Stay tuned to Voice FM, I’ll be talking to local authors Derek and Dave Philpott about their new book and how they came about in the next few weeks.

Jodie Brough

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