The Asylum Rock Show

The Asylum where your ears find all your rock and metal needs

Where do you go to hear the bands you never get the chance to hear, where bands locally as well as from around the world are welcome, where bands signed and unsigned gather and be welcomed with open arms, right here at the Asylum.

Every Monday live from 6-9pm you can tune in and hear the best in new rock and metal, as well as some old (and not so old) classics. With up to date music news and reviews, gig listings and interviews with the biggest names in rock you don’t want to miss out, so come along and check yourself in.

We support the local music scene so if you’re in a local rock or metal band get in touch with us and you could be appearing live on the show.

NEW FOR 2016!!

We want YOU to check in to the Asylum, we want your Top 3s whether they’re band related, songs with a special meaning or just songs that you love we want to hear about them. We will be featuring 1 per month and we may even call you up live on air to tell us why you chose them. If yours are featured you will also be the proud owner of all the promos we have recieved that month and any other goodies we have from guests and things 🙂


We work too hard so we’ve decided to give some of you local bands a go and are letting you take over the Asylum for the whole 3 hours, you can play what you want, interview yourselves or even do an acoustic set whatever you want to promote yourselves. We will be here to help with the technical side of things but everything else is down to you, get in touch if you want to be involved.

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