The Band – Review – The Mayflower

Hit Musical with the music of Take That returns to Mayflower for its final UK shows.

‘When I was 16, I grew up with a Boyband….’

From that very first line I knew that this was a show that was going to be really important to me because when I was 16 I DID grow up with a boyband. The very boyband who’s songs are used throughout this record breaking juke-box musical.

Featuring the members of Five to Five as ‘The Boys’ this show has been on tour for 18 months. Unheard of for a brand new musical. Its broken multiple ticket sale records and won rave reviews in every city it’s passed through.

That show is coming to an end this week, and Southampton is the city that’s lucky enough to be hosting the last ever performance of this incredible show.

Although their music is littered in this, The Band is NOT about Take That. It’s not really even about the aforementioned ‘Band’. It’s a show about friendship.

I’ve actually reviewed this show before so I won’t repeat myself, you can go and read about the actual show on that review (linked below) having seen it multiple times during the run I have a different approach to it now.

I have a real love for this show and I’m genuinely sad that it’s coming to an end.

In all of the shows I’ve seen I have never seen one that has touched its audience quite as much as this has. Every show without fail I’ve heard sniffling and sometimes actual sobbing as many of the – mostly female – audience all find something in this show that relates to them in their lives, whether it be back when they were young or some of the issues the girls face in it when they’re older.

The script is wonderful and it still makes me laugh until I cry. It’s so well written and the cast are just perfect.

Its essentially a feel-good show. Bittersweet in places but there is comedy in the bad, just like we all have to see in our own lives. There’s some cracking one-liners in this and the brief but many appearances of ‘every Dave’ are some of the highlights of this show.

You will laugh, you will cry, you will dance. You will have the ‘Greatest Day’ – I’m sorry I couldn’t resist!

The Band is at the Mayflower until 16th March, limited tickets are are still available from

Jodie Brough

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