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The Business with Xan Phillips.

If you want your company to be noticed, then The Business is the radio show for you. Fill out the form below and get on the show. Your next customer could be listening!

Every Thursday night from 6pm this program is dedicated to promoting the good news stories about business from the Southampton area and beyond. You can be established or a start-up, have an international reach or just looking to sell to Southampton, either way this is a great opportunity for you to grab the ear of a wide audience and let them know all about your products and services.

The Business is on air between 6pm and 9pm and hosted by Xan Phillips. Guests are usually on air for an hour and get to play their favourite music. There are also features and promotional opportunities in ‘The 30 Second Sell’ where you will have the chance to speak about what you do best.

Introducing the Presenter

Regular Voice FM listeners will remember Xan Phillips from his Saturday evening show ‘South by Southampton’ which focused on music from this region. He has a love of new music and thinks that the artists in this area are some of the best in the country. He is now turning his attention to business, especially new businesses, as Xan wants to take the same approach from his previous show and give established and start-up companies more exposure.
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