Theatre Review – Rainman – Nuffield and INTERVIEW WITH CHRIS FOUNTAIN

‘Theatre adaptation of the hit 1980’s movie featuring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman’

Rainman was one of my favourite films growing up so when I heard it was being turned into a stage play I was really excited to see it and intrigued as to how it would translate on the stage.

Rainman is the story of brash businessman Charlie Babbit (played by Chris Fountain) on the verge of losing his business he finds out that his estranged and very rich father has passed away. When he goes to the will reading he’s stunned to find that his fathers estate is not left to him – the only heir – but instead put in trust to someone initially un-named.

Charlie goes to find this mysterious beneficiary and finds out that he actually has an older brother. Raymond – played on this occasion by Adam Lilley.

Raymond has autism.

Charlie wants his money so he essentially kidnaps Raymond wanting his half of his inheritance for his return.

It’s a story about family and shows the brothers develop a relationship. Although it is funny in places and you will belly laugh there is of course a very serious message behind the film.

The performances in this are absolutely incredible. Adam is entirely believable as Raymond and its such a beautifully told story. Equally heartbreaking and heartwarming.

It shows wonderfully the issues faced by those who are on the spectrum and also those around them and how they strive to build some sort of relationship with someone who has no social skills or the mental capacity to deal with the smallest changes to their routine.

I loved this show, I’m seeing more and more plays of late rather than musicals and watching this I can appreciate just how exhausting this can be mentally. Chris Fountain is the glue that holds this whole show together, there is only one scene I can recall that he isn’t in. He commands the audience from the second he walks on and he IS Charlie Babbit.

His performance in this was one of the most powerful and passionate ones I’ve seen on stage. You feel what he feels and you find yourself warming to him towards the end of the show.

It’s by far one of the best shows I’ve seen and I highly recommend it.


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We were lucky enough to grab a chat with Chris Fountain after opening night

Interview with Chris Fountain – currently starring in Rainman at Nuffield Theatre

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