Theatre Review – The Bodyguard – The Mayflower

To begin this review I would like to state that I had never seen the film before or seen this awesome stage production so I was a Bodyguard Virgin.

I knew however that it was based on the Anthems of Whitney Houston and the blockbuster film she starred  in alongside Kevin Costner.

The role of Rachel Marron , originally played by Whitney Houston, was going to be a huge challenge to fill and Alexandra Burke was the perfect choice and she delivered

110% .Giving you the feeling you were at a Whitney Houston Concert . Her vocals were on target and stunning !

The story begins with a bang! Yes and I mean a bang that had me jump from my seat.

The stage scenery and setting was spectacular and the recent refurbishment of the theatre showed a triumph. . All roles/characters in this epic musical were believable and the script well thought out. There was a mass of fit bodies both male and female that gained wolf whistles from the seats and humour a plenty when Alexandra sang all the man I need and the line He Fills Me Up whilst Bernoit Marechal ( Frank Farmer ) lay in bed baring his chest .

The death of Rachels sister in the second half was a 1st shock for me and it was acted out with excellence to bring some seriousness to all the uplifting music.

Phil Atkinson (TheStalker) was actually creepy and we jumped when he suddenly appeared unexpectedly. He also drew the most wolf whistles with his toned body.

The finale had everyone (Full house) up on their feet singing , clapping. and dancing to I wanna dance with somebody and by the end my hands were sore .

All and all the  combination of the staging  special effects and not forgetting the vocals were amazing

All in all this is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED so I say grab a ticket whilst you can if there are any left of course

Reviewed By Wayne Chester and Luke Neary For VoiceFm

The Bodyguard is on at The Mayflower until June 8th, tickets available at

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