This weeks movie visits – Second Act and The Mule

This Weeks Movie Visits

There’s been so much out this last week I need to catch up a bit! 2 Days of being ill meant 2 films missed… so this weeks notable, or maybe not so notable viewings were SECOND ACT and THE MULE.

I’ll start with Second Act. Generally I do love a good romcom/chick flick and for the most part J-Los ones have been pretty decent. She’s quite a funny lady. I’m pretty sure this is the first one she’s done in a few years. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

It’s the tried and tested rags to riches story about a 40 year old woman who gets overlooked for a promotion as even though she has years and years of experience over the other candidates she isn’t academically qualified.  She makes a wish on her birthday to make something better of herself and her godson embellishes her CV and creates a whole online persona for her as well as applying for jobs on her behalf. Obviously she gets offered a job on the basis of that CV and all manner of capers ensue as she tries to be that person they think they’ve employed.

I say all manner of capers. I didn’t actually find this in the slightest bit funny. Its entertaining sure and I do like watching real life best friends J-Lo and Leah Remini on screen together but really its all been done before. The script wasn’t terribly well written and I think Milo Ventimiglia was mis-cast in this, him and J-Lo didn’t have a lot of chemistry and weren’t really believable as a couple.

I felt a little like I was watching one of those made for TV movies rather than a Hollywood Film. It drags on a lot and not enough laughs. Definitely not J-Lo’s finest and it’s no Maid in Manhattan. I was really disappointed in this actually I was really looking forward to watching something a little more light hearted than the current ones I’ve been seeing… Which brings me on to…

The Mule,  Mr Clint Eastwoods latest directorial/acting offering. Eastwood plays Earl an award winning horticulturalist who has spent years putting his work before his family. After most businesses of his type go online he finds himself having to sell the business and is at risk of losing everything including his family.

Desperate to salvage both he takes a driving job he’s offered from a friend of his grand-daughters that he finds out – after quite a few runs – is actually as a drug mule for the Mexican Cartel. Because he’s an old man no-one suspects him so he’s selected to do a big drop for the cartel and is given his own ‘handlers’. Unbeknownst to him one of the cartel members has leaked all the info of his drops to the police so he’s a wanted man. Bradley Cooper plays the cop who is after him. He gets away a lot. No-one suspects him and he has no idea he’s a wanted man. Even when the 2 men meet in the hotel they know the suspect is in, they even have breakfast together..

This movie is a lot of scenes of just Earl in his car driving and singing away, just an old man loving being on the open road. It’s strangely compelling. There’s something truly magical about watching Clint Eastwood on the big screen. He doesn’t even have to be saying anything.

I was actually surprised at how entertaining this film was. The driving scenes are quite comical in part and it’s a clever story and a great script. Definitely the best one of the 2 films this week!!

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