UK Weather: Snow showers will keep coming

This week will be unusually cold with a significant wind chill and the threat of heavy snowfall.

With spring just around the corner, we are seeing the return of some seriously challenging winter conditions.

The Met Office has issued early warnings for snow, which were upgraded to amber, meaning there is an “increased likelihood of bad weather, which could potentially disrupt your plans and cause travel delays, interruption to power and the potential risk to life and property”.

There is the potential for some eastern areas to see around 20cm of snowfall by the end of Wednesday.

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Monday's weather forecast

Image: Monday’s weather forecast

In addition, we have some seriously cold air filtering into the country, which will ensure that daytime temperatures will struggle to break freezing this week.

Add to that a moderate or strong wind and the resulting windchill merits a Level Three alert for cold weather, which is of sufficient severity as to be a threat to health.

Some eastern counties will awake to a covering of snow, some to a sprinkle. Some may miss it altogether but those snow showers will just keep going.

Tuesday's weather forecast

Image: Tuesday’s weather forecast

They will become heavier and more frequent, and they will become more widespread too – pushing into central areas.

One or two isolated showers may even pop up in the west. For most western parts however, there will be a dry bright cold start, only marred by cloud bubbling up over time.

Tonight will see a penetrating frost with snow showers becoming heavier especially across southeast England and the Thames Estuary along with southern Scotland and northern England.

Wednesday's weather forecast

Image: Wednesday’s weather forecast

Tuesday and Wednesday will bring further showers, and some more persistent snow belts which will push southwestwards across the country through the day.

Temperatures will be zero or below and the fresh winds will make it feel perishing.

Windchill will be especially severe along Channel coasts.

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Thursday will offer a little respite for the south-east with brightening skies as the heaviest weather moves into the north-east.

Late Thursday and Friday brings a low pressure system into the south-west which is likely to bring further problems.

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