Victorious festival 2018 review

Victorious festival, let’s be honest here guys! Is an absolute staple of the summer festival season! It originated in the dockyards in Portsmouth harbour but has since become a local treasure with it selling thousands of tickets each year and recently becoming a camping festival too!

As soon as I saw the line up this year, I knew I had to go! I mean…. Who turns down seeing The Prodigy in their home town!? Who would do that!? The festival set up hasn’t changed dramatically over the last few years, it has two main/large stages and then a plethora of smaller stages which are scattered around the festival site and on which you can catch local and up and coming artists who in the future will go onto play the main stage!

One of my favourite things about Victorious is the absolute inclusivity of the site. It was noted this year by myself and by friends, the effort that had been made to make the festival disabilities friendly! (Remember not all disabilities are visible!) With mobile changing places style toilets and deaf interpreters for the bands as a few examples!
Victorious prides itself on being a family festival and they’re one of the best in the game at this. The family area of the festival is lovely, they not only have a stage with a line up cultivated towards children but other activities and fun things which won’t put parents out of pocket!

One of the new additions this year which I was incredibly excited for, was the comedy tent! This tent was run by the guys behind PM comedy promotions and did not disappoint! The line up was brilliant and the tent always full! My only advice for next year would be to have it open longer! Fingers crossed it makes a re-appearance!

I know I’ve spent my time in this article talking about the festival as a whole to you. But I couldn’t leave without mentioning my favourite band of the weekend… The Prodigy.
If you’ve not seen them before, you’re missing out! They are truly one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen in my life. Their show is out of this world, especially when they bring their show to you! Despite all the mud and rain, I could’ve raved all night long!

All in all. Another amazing year, and hats off to Victorious for dealing with the god awful weather on Sunday in such a good way! Here’s to another year of partying on the seafront!

Review – Lu

Photo credit –  Tom Langford

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