#voicepeople – Simon Wilson

Who are you, What do you do at Voice and how long have you been involved?

I am Simon Wilson, I present Drivetime every Wednesday and I’m also the music manager for the station.

How did you find out about Voice and what inspired you to want to volunteer?

It was actually via a tweet from Ben Glover from when the station first opened, and I was already volunteering at Radio Haslar in Gosport and this was an opportunity to gain more experience with a different audience by coming to Voice.

What is it you love about being involved?

I love radio have done from a very early age and being able to be involved in such an awesome station is unreal for me.

What’s been your favourite thing it has enabled you to do so far?

Interviewing so many incredible people from the likes of Tom Odell, Ella Eyre to Frank Turner and Ed Byrne. I mean when I interviewed Ella Eyre, I did write her a poem about her playing in Southampton, luckily, she found the funny side to it! 

Apart from your own what other shows do you listen to?

Matt Clewes has told me if I don’t say his show, he’ll never speak to me again, so I never listen to his show 😂 personally I love the daytime playlist 😉 but all the specialist shows too hold something very unique from Soul Train to One Love with Riskology Radcliffe.

What do you do when you’re not here?

I dabble in a little bit of Stand-up comedy, and I also love movies and really enjoy going to the cinema.


Thing about living in Southampton?

The music scene at times it seems to struggle but it always comes back bigger than ever and we have so much talent in Southampton its amazing.


Radiohead, Linkin Park, Slipknot, Frank Turner, Blink 182, Eminem, Damien Rice, Foo Fighters and the list goes on.


Toy Story or Terminator 2

Radio Personality?

This is a ridiculously hard question for me to answer!  I love love love Greg James, Zane Lowe, Chris Moyles and on a local level Rick Jackson, Simon Clarke and Stephanie Newenhouse .

Where can people find you on socials?

@simondjwilson or Youtube search for Simon Wilson Voice FM and you’ll find me 😊

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