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How Many Radio Plays Do SCM Chart Songs Get?

One of the major benefits of being selected for Voice FM's South Coast Music Chart is the amount of radio plays a song will get in the daily rotation.

The Number 1 is guaranteed a play during Breakfast, Lunchbox and Drivetime, which is why Ryan Doyle and Yasmin Dyer with “Cry For Love” got 38 plays during the week.

The remaining 24 songs in the week’s selection get randomly slotted into the hour logs, and in most standard hours (non-specialist) they get between 6 and 8 plays per week.

As you can see the song gets some great exposure, more than any other radio station will give it, but what we are seeing is that acts who promote heavily on social media and through their mailing lists etc, are more likely to reach the Top 10, than those who just rely on radio plays.

Another bonus of having as many votes as possible is the £100 voucher from SoCo Music Project towards time in their Hightown Studios in Thornhill. 

Radio Plays Of Acts in the South Coast Music Chart

Week Commencing Monday 16th January 2023

Ryan Doyle and Yasmin Dyer - 38 
Wren - 9
Tash Hills - 9
Young Pine - 8
Tara - 8
rynjnes - 8
Novacain - 8
Luna Carina & Liya - 8
Love Is Enough - 8
Jerzy Bulx x Laura Andrzejewska - 8
Jamie Norton - 8
Ivy Eye - 8
Friday Night Firefight - 8
Feryl - 8
ear candy - 8
Daycare - 8
Cole Karter - 8
Carley Varley - 8
Beth Brookfield - 8
Addwell X Koroosh - 8
Ria Hanley - 7
Joe Wilkinson - 7
Mia Grace - 6

Here's the first Top Ten of Voice FM's South Coast Music Chart