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  1. You must own the rights to the song or music you submit, no covers are allowed, original music only, this includes samples. 
  2. Voice FM only plays songs that are clean, and include no explicit phrases.
  3. This form is for acts and musicians based on the south coast (area includes: Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, Bournemouth, Isle of Wight)
  4. Only upload sound files in the mp3 or wav format, and at the highest quality possible and under 10MB.
  5. Artwork should be uploaded in png or jpeg formats and under 10MB.


  • Only submit your track once.
  • Uploading does not guarantee your song will be played.
  • By uploading your song or music you confirm you have rights to the 
    song, and give Voice FM permission to broadcast the song across any platform and media they use, from the date of your upload.
  • Your artwork may be used across our social media, website, and in printed material.
  • If you have an album, questions, or problems with the form please email us here.
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