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H.G. Wells Has His Regrets

What would you do with a time machine?

It’s 1907, it’s the Edwardian Era, and acclaimed science-fiction author H.G. Wells has just built a working time machine.

Not content with simply writing about time travel, H.G. has decided that he wants to try it for himself, visiting his favourite authors of history. But in the name of preserving the timeline, he sets himself four distinct rules:

Rule 1: Never travel into the future.

Rule 2: Never reveal the deaths or what is to come to those from the past that he speaks to.

Rule 3: Never do anything too outrageous.

Rule 4: Never alter any major event that happens within any one person’s life.

But authors, poets and playwrights don’t always play along, as H.G. – along with his no-nonsense wife, Jane, and his fairy-loving next-door neighbour, Doyle – are about to find out…

H.G. Wells Has His Regrets was created by Emily Hancock, with assistance from Francesca Mylod-Ford. It is a UK-based podcast by Turpentine Productions.

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