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Unsigned Music is King and Queen At Voice FM

With a weekly chart dedicated to new and unsigned acts and a long history of supporting local artists, it is not surprising that the recent comments of Chris Moyles have ruffled a few feathers within the studios of Voice FM.

Mr. Moyles’ initial negative comment about all unsigned acts has been qualified by him saying that he doesn’t do unsigned acts in his show.

However, the point he misses is that many bands can’t get signed these days as the music industry has changed, and labels are no longer the driving force they once were.

The traditional route of gigs, demo, label, album, and tour are almost over.

In fact, the route to success could easily be: bedroom, TikTok, YouTube, TV talent show, digital release. 

Radio Needs To Be Stronger

However, Voice FM believes that radio still has a vital role in bringing new talent to the public’s attention, and since our launch in 2011 there has been a strong desire by many presenters to open a door that is usually firmly closed.

For too long radio has allowed the industry to curate 100% of radio's output, and at Voice FM we are now playing at least 2 new acts from the south coast every regular hour.

We have a weekly chart that is voted for by the public and this has increased the station’s website visitors enormously.

Public reaction is very favorable, and the musicians are beginning to twig that if they mobilse their supporters, they can remain in Sunday’s Top Ten countdown.

Played Across Southampton

As you can see below, being part of the 25 acts gets your music heard many times during the week, and makes the artists’ name and sound better known in the city’s shops and offices.

And if record labels were wise, they would check out this Top 10, as this is fertile ground for a new wave of musicians.

Radio should be the driving force of new music, not the donkey chasing the carrot and you can hear why during Voice FM’s South Coast Music Chart, presented by Ryan Galpin every Sunday at 5pm. See the latest chart here.

The details below were originally featured in this blog

Radio Plays Of Acts in the South Coast Music Chart

Week Commencing Monday 16th January 2023

Ryan Doyle and Yasmin Dyer - 38 (Number 1 act) 
Wren - 9
Tash Hills - 9
Young Pine - 8
Tara - 8
rynjnes - 8
Novacain - 8
Luna Carina & Liya - 8
Love Is Enough - 8
Jerzy Bulx x Laura Andrzejewska - 8
Jamie Norton - 8
Ivy Eye - 8
Friday Night Firefight - 8
Feryl - 8
ear candy - 8
Daycare - 8
Cole Karter - 8
Carley Varley - 8
Beth Brookfield - 8
Addwell X Koroosh - 8
Ria Hanley - 7
Joe Wilkinson - 7
Mia Grace - 6